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Buy Glock 19 Pistol

Updated: Aug 18, 2022

Buy Glock 19 Pistol from Liberal Gun Owners™ falls in line with something that I’ve advised for many years: We, the gun community, are in the best position to reduce negative outcomes involving firearms. We have a responsibility to do so… and, if we don’t exercise our rights responsibly, we know that others will try to legislate their version of responsibility upon us. That means restrictions upon our rights. Unconstitutional and unfair Government infringements punish people who’ve done nothing wrong. The LGO Proposal is simple and doesn’t involve the government. It is a self-policing strategy that demonstrates concern and responsibility.

Where to buy glock 19 pistol I have been told countless stories by gun shop owners and employees who denied sales for any number of “gut feelings” based on things a potential buyer said or did. Sometimes, the stories indicate concerns about criminal activity, sometimes suicide, sometimes straw purchases. Working in the gun industry carries the burden of knowing that you may manufacture or sell the gun, ammunition or other item that is eventually involved in a tragic event. We may teach the technique or skill that is used maliciously or performed poorly, resulting in a death. Most of us take these issues very seriously and put sincere effort into avoiding those potentials. AS the NSSF initiative launched at the 2020 SHOT Show reminds us, Gun Owners Care. There are many organizations and programs that demonstrate our communities dedication to reducing negative outcomes. The aforementioned WTTA, Hold My Guns and The Kids S.A.F.E. Foundation are a few obvious examples of groups offering proactive solutions to avoid catastrophe. If you aren’t familiar with Liberal Gun Owners™, you should check them out. I’m an independent moderate myself, and I firmly believe that we should be working to remove the partisan politics from gun rights issues. That said, we need the Best glock guns voices of gun owners who are outside of the conservative orthodoxy to be part of the conversation, especially when the Democrats control the seats of power in our country.

As a personal defense educator, I have to remind people that Evil Exists. We may be visited by that Evil and we must be prepared to respond to that evil to protect ourselves and those we care about. That means being armed (with tools and knowledge) to stop a threat, having emergency medical skills & equipment and having a mindset that we can and should be prepared to respond to unpreventable events. All that said, we must not simply accept the existence of “evil” or the inevitability of negative outcomes involving guns.

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