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Kel tec p17

Updated: Jan 11, 2023

Overall, the Kel-Tec P17 is a consistently reliable, accurate pistol suitable for target shooting, as a gun for outdoor rodent control or even small game, and possibly as a rimfire competition pistol. The high reliability, good accuracy, and lightweight level the playing field when competing against custom 22 pistols

.How many rounds does a Kel-Tec P17 hold?

,16 rounds

Magazine capacity is 16 rounds, which is impressive considering its price tag. We also send our compliments to KelTec for including three polymer magazines. The magazine holds 16 rounds of . 22LR and slides in and out without fuss. where to buy kel tec p17

Does Kel-Tec P17 have a safety?

It was several months ago the Kel-Tec P17 came in for review. It has standard ambidextrous magazine release and safety, though the magazine release is a lever at the rear of the trigger guard you push down instead of a button

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