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Where To Buy Wheels Online

Ferraris are the poster child of exotic cars. For decades, the Italians have graced us with some of the most beautiful chassis ever designed. Cast in screaming-red, these sports cars are the epitome of cool — and their engines absolutely sing. That’s not to mention Ferrari’s legendary racing pedigree.

Car enthusiasts from every generation can get their hands on a piece of the glory with Mattel’s die-cast Hot Wheels toys. Whether you’re collecting mint-condition miniatures or a garage full of orange-track racers, the best is Hot Wheels 2015 HW Workshop Ferrari 599XX.

What to know before you buy a Hot Wheels Ferrari Playing with Hot Wheels

Children of all ages have been playing with Hot Wheels for decades. Devised by Mattel as the first trackable toy car in 1968, these cool miniatures have become one of the most popular toys of all time.

Hot Wheels cars are about 1-3 inches long and about half an inch tall. At this size, they may pose a hazard to small children, which is why they’re marketed to ages 3-8, but parents should always use their best judgment.

Despite their size, they’re made from durable die-cast that can be stepped on and thrown around without breaking the toy. Just be careful of the plastic wheels, which can bend.

These days, Hot Wheels fetch a pretty penny at online auction sites, especially older models from the first three decades of production. While getting your hands on early Hot Wheels Ferraris might be difficult, contemporary models are proving to be just as hard to find. With Hot Wheels ending their license with Ferrari in 2014, these cars offer future investments in this timeless series of toys.

Hot Wheels toys and play sets

Hot Wheels were originally Lets Talk About Wheels to be compatible with Mattel’s signature orange tracks. These looping, segmented raceways could be assembled in infinite course arrangements that propelled the cars with motorized gateways.

Today, Hot Wheels play sets have gotten even more creative. Their sets feature cool jumps, monstrous obstacles and cityscapes that expand on the iconic orange track, and each is aimed at inspiring creativity and imaginative play.

What to look for in a quality Hot Wheels Ferrari Popular Ferrari models

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